Expectations & Questions: Voltron Season 6

Season 5 had me shook, and with Season 6 looming large on the horizon I have a lot of unanswered questions, thoughts, and expectations. Perhaps I'll get some answers, and perhaps my expectations will be met. At this point, who knows what those evil writers have planned for my beloved paladins. [Spoilers] Shiro Is A Clone???? … Continue reading Expectations & Questions: Voltron Season 6


Don Juan

This quarter, I had the privilege of acting in Moliere's Don Juan, a wonderful period piece about the fictional libertine. It was a crazy journey from April to June that went by so fast (a little too fast if you ask me) that was full of fight practice, prat falls, sweating in an unairconditioned theater, and … Continue reading Don Juan

The Simpsons: Thoughts On Season 29

The Simpsons has just become the longest-running scripted prime time series in this season. It was a nice season, except for the hiatus caused by the Olympics. Every season I wonder if this'll be the one when they kick the bucket, but it hasn't happened yet to my favorite cartoon. Praise Jebus for that. Best Episode(s) … Continue reading The Simpsons: Thoughts On Season 29