Marvel-ous Avengers

HELLO EVERYBODY! Just be warned, I have not seen very many Marvel movies, so just bear with me, and don’t hate! I’d have to say, my fave Avenger is Captain America. He’s super kind and considerate, and he’s a great team leader. Loki, however, trumps all of the Avengers! He’s the coolest! Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of Marvel Headcanons (thank you Pinterest!) and have decided to try and write a few.

Headcanon #1

On Christmas morning, the Avengers opened their secret Santa presents. Tony drew Steve’s name and bought him Sleeping Beauty on DVD. Steve drew Natasha’s name and bought her a mani-pedi set w/ 20 different colors of nail polish, most of which were pink. The look on her face was so murderous, he scooted 3 feet away. Clint drew Bruce’s name and bought him a yoga mat and DVD. “It’ll calm you down.” he said, while munching on a Snickerdoodle. Thor drew Tony’s name and bought him a plush Mjolnir that Tony threw at his face. Natasha drew Thor’s name and bought him two teddy bears, a blond one and a black one. The whole team chipped in to buy Bucky a record player and several records to go with it.

Headcanon #2

The Avengers are obsessed with Mario Kart Wii. They’ve unlocked everything possible, so now they just race until they’re exhausted. Natasha is Princess Daisy, Steve is Mario, Tony is Dry Bowser, Bruce is Koopa Troopa, Thor just watches, and Clint is Yoshi. Typically, Steve wins. Tony swears like a sailor at him and Natasha, who knows every single shortcut. Bruce can’t play for to long, since he rarely wins. Everyone panics when Clint gets a item you can throw, because he’ll blow up at least 2 people. When Mario Kart 8 came out, they all started yelling about the epicness while Thor just put his head in his hands.

Headcanon #3

Natasha bought everybody a hoodie just ’cause. Thor’s is blue, with fuzzy fleece lining and a little lighting charm on the zipper. Tony’s is black with the Avengers logo on the back and the Stark Enterprises logo on the front. Steve’s hoodie is ridiculously patriotic, with an eagle on the bag and a huge tattered flag on the front. Bruce’s is purple, with a million pockets to hold all of his random tools. Clint’s is grey with a white arrow on the back. Natasha didn’t buy anything for herself, so Steve got her a cute little leather jacket with fleece lining. It’s her new favorite coat.



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