Munchkin Deluxe: A review

Hello everyone! Today i will be reviewing one of my favorite games: Munchkin Deluxe!

I recently got it for Christmas from that jolly man, Santa, giver of all gifts. I have no idea how much it costs, because it’s rude to ask. Munchkin is a fun dungeon-crawling game, that doesn’t require you to create a character or write a campaign. I would recommend it to ages 10+, since there are some cuss words on the cards, and a lot of reading is required. You need at least 3 players, so no 2-on-2. This game can take a couple hours for newbies, and maybe 1 hour for veteran Munchkins. The more players, the longer it takes.

  • Why I Love This Game: I like this game because it is a nice addition to my game closet of mostly average games (like Monopoly and Life), and it is great for playing with friends. The game is clever, and the cards are really funny (they have amazing illustrations).
  • Game play: Actually playing Munchkin can be rather difficult. The rules are pretty darn long, and they don’t cover everything there is to know. Explaining it to new players is very difficult and requires a lot of patience on your part. Friendly tip: Do not ever play Munchkin or try to teach it if you are tired! You will end up snapping at someone, and they won’t want to play anymore.
  • Portability: Munchkin is like every other game: if it leaves your house, you may lose parts of it. The game is just contained in a simple box, and the cards do have a nasty habit of sliding around and getting mixed up.
  • Things I don’t like about this game: The complexity is pretty overwhelming sometimes, and it is extremely difficult to teach someone how to play. Also, the rules are really long, and the rule book says if something isn’t mentioned in the rules, you must resolve it by arguing. However, the owner of the game (me in this case) has final say.

Some tips and tricks to make gameplay easier

  1. Before you even begin playing, read the rulebook cover to cover, so you don’t have to keep looking through the rules every time you need to know something.
  2. When you get an item, keep it, even if it has a really low bonus. You can always replace it later.
  3. Remember: you can have 1 headgear, 1 armor, 1 foot gear, 1 item per hand or 1 two-handed item, and 1 big item. it says what kind of item it is in the bottom left corner, and if it doesn’t specify, then you can have it even if all your other spots are taken.
  4. Don’t shy away from combat. Combat is how you level up, and you’ll never win if you always run away.

I hope you enjoyed this Fangirly Review of Munchkin!


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