The Niche Fandom: An Example

What the heck is a niche fandom? It’s a fandom that like, no one, knows about. It typically has no name, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever find someone who likes it too. You may ask what my niche fandom is. I’ll tell you. It’s the always cool, fabulous YouTube channel, Studio C!

Studio C is a sketch comedy group that is always clean and appropriate, no matter the situation. Currently, there are 5 complete seasons out, with the 6th still in the making. They have 615,815 subscribers, and they have a TV show on BYU TV. Why does no one know about them? If you aren’t looking for them, or you don’t live in Utah, the chances of you finding them are pretty slim. you may have heard of their video top soccer shootout with Scott Sterling which has 35,652,361 total views. Here is a list of videos that u must watch b4 you die.

Enjoy! And let me know if u wanna jump on the fandom boat!


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