My favorite Nintendo and Sega Characters

Please Note: i have a very limited knowledge of this sort of thing, so just bear with me here. They are in no particular order.


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Rouge The Bat: OK, Rouge is just the best. I was introduced to her when I started watching Sonic X. I was struck by how effortlessly cool and stylish she was, and how much older she seemed compared to the other characters. I love her outfit, with the boots and gloves, and how awesome of a fighter she is. Go Rouge!

Princess Daisy: Maybe if Daisy spoke full sentences, I’d have more to say about her. She’s my favorite character in Mario Kart Wii (riding the Sugar Scoot, mind you), and has a great style. When I was like, 7, i was convinced that my hair matched hers. I was mistaken. My hair is brown, yes, but it’s cropped to my jawbone, and looks nothing like Daisy’s. Oh well.

Cream: Another Sonic X introduction. Cream is just too adorable for words. I mean, come on, she’s a rabbit! I’m not really sure why I love her so much, but i do really want a pet bunny…

Yoshi: If you claim that you didn’t try to say Yoshi’s name the way he says it, you sit on a throne of lies. I actually have Yoshi Island for my DS Light (i bought it like 8 years ago and it still works), and i love how he’s like an adorable little dino.

Toadette: *SQUEE* OH MY GOSH IT’S SOOOOO CUTE! The little mushroom braids, and the dress, and her smile! Adorbs! Yay! I’m really excited and i just ate a small bag of Cheetos!

What’s your favorite Sega or Nintendo Character?


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