Marvel Agents Of SHIELD

It’s my new favorite TV show to watch on Netflix, and it stays cannon with the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This is for all you Phil Coulson fangirls, and people like me who sneak around the house humming the Mission: Impossible theme.

Let’s Talk about the Characters

Oh Phil, I love you so much. You’re like a dad/spy/director/kick-butt fighter at the same time. And you’re so funny, even in the toughest situations. Phil is the team leader of this rag-tag group of agents, and he’s the best, obviously. Plus,he has this amazing vintage car named Lola. Go Phil!

And then there’s Agent Melinda May. Everybody loves May, even though she could kill you three different ways with a pencil (I made that up). She’s always putting herself in danger for her team, cause she loves them so much. I love you too, May!

Say hello to Skye everybody! She’s a super cool hacker/field agent. She has a mysterious past, and missing in action parents. Poor Skye…oh well! She’s still awesome and sassy, and doesn’t mind shooting you.

And here’s my personal favorite…Fitzsimmons! The whole team calls them Fitzsimmons, even though their real names are Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons. IT’S A SHIP THAT IS ACTUALLY CANNON!!! Fitz is a brilliant British nerd who graduated SHIELD Academy, with a PHD in a science that I can’t spell or pronounce. Same goes for Jemma. #IWILLGODOWNWITHTHESHIP

(I don’t know why Fitz is so infatuated with that monkey)

And that’s all I can post without spoiling something!


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