Everyone’s a Critic

Maybe you’re lucky and no one gives you any guff about being a fangirl or a geek. Maybe you aren’t lucky and you get insults hurled at you like a basketball hoop. Whatever the case, I hope my little survival guide can help.

Public school can suck. I should know, cause I spent six years in the system, and managed to escape to homeschooling from 7th grade onward. Most of those six years, I felt a little left out, but it was really bad in 6th grade. That was before I became a fully-fledged fangirl, so I can only imagine what it may be like for you.

My first tip is be ready for combat, young jedi. That doesn’t mean you need to start the conflict, just be ready for when it comes your way. Here are some sure-fire, awesome comebacks that won’t insult the idiot who’s messing with you, but they will get them to shut up!

  • “Thank you so much!” In a sincere-sounding voice, really freaks them out when they try to insult you.
  • “OK then.” or “Alrighty then.” both work really well. It shows the doofus that you really don’t care about what they have to say.
  • “If I valued your opinion, I would be offended by that.” This one’s a real zinger that can’t get you into trouble.
  • “And I care because…?” If you kinda trail off at the end, it put them on the spot.

Second tip: Be ready for some fandom criticism. Sometimes, they aren’t messing with you, they just wonder why you would like that kind of show. I get this all the time with My Little Pony, and I always have a few reasons. #1: It has a great plot. #2: The characters are very real and fun. #3: It doesn’t have inappropriate content. Make sure you can answer some serious questions, and hold up your side of the argument.

Third and final tip: Embrace yourself. Here’s a challenge: for every negative thing you think about yourself, come up with 5 positives. As Knuckles the Echidna once said: “Protecting the master emerald Fangirling world is my purpose! The island Fangirl life is my life!” Listen to him, and follow you heart/dreams/soul/ or whatever! Just go for it!

I hope you enjoyed this fangirly post!


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