Young Justice: I Finished Season 1!

Young Justice may be the best superhero show to date. I was introduced to it by one of my best fangirl friends (u know who u r), and now I’m feeling the aster and I’m really whelmed. I’m gonna get all the feels out of my system. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS POST!!

Who is my fave character?

Robin! I love Dick Grayson, he is the absolute best! I loved how in the first few episodes, you would hear Robin’s cute/cocky little laugh right after he disappeared, it was so adorable. The main reason that I like Robin is that everything that seems like a disadvantage, like the fact he’s only 13 and has no powers, is his advantage. Also I totally love the little bromance he has going with Wally, and the slight romance with Zatana.

What was my favorite episode?

“Coldhearted” was my favorite episode because of the serious character growth that Wally had. Before this episode, I though Wally West was an annoying player who wouldn’t ever shut up. But as I watched this episode, I realized that Wally has a heart of gold, and the lengths he went to so the little girl could get the heart were incredible. I also loved how he tried to get the birthday kiss from M’gann, and totally failed.

What was my favorite moment in the series?

New Year’s. Holy crud I was watching it by myself and then Wally picks up Artemis and says, “I should’ve done this a long time ago.” And he kisses Artemis! I KNEW IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN, I JUST DIDN’T KNOW WHEN!! And then M’gann and Conner do it, and I was like “Whatevs, I knew it was gonna happen anyway.” And then Zatana grabs Robin and starts kissing him! I love how he freaked out for a few seconds and then totally got into it. I was making these crazy sob/squealing/hiccuping noises and screeching “I CAN’T EVEN!”

The character that is most like me?

I really don’t know. If you took Robin’s height/weight, M’gann’s skills at flirting (which is hardly at all), Wally’s sarcasm, Kaldur’s seriousness, Artemis’ refusal to let anyone see weakness, Zatana’s balance between serious and funny, and Rocket’s determination, that would be me.

What would my superpower be?

The ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis), but it would be directly tied to my emotions. I guess the idea behind it is fire is really powerful and pretty, but too much of it and it’s destructive and harmful.  For instance my hero (I’d call her Blaze or Wildfire), has nightmares, and often wakes up with her bed on fire because her emotions still run high in her sleep. I’d like to imagine she’d be very calm and collected on the battlefield, but if someone she cares about gets hurt, it all goes up in flames.

I hope you all enjoyed this fangirly post!


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