Sing it Out! My Favorite Songs From Musicals

I love musicals so much. Seriously. Why would you watch a boring, song-less movies when you could watch one with songs? I know lots of people hate musicals, but hey, haters gonna hate!

Note: In no particular order

Ya Got Trouble: The Music Man

That game with the 15 numbered balls is the devil’s tool (devil’s tool)! Oh yes, this song really takes the cake! Professor Harold Hill is a con man who just arrived in River City, Iowa, and he need to convince the town that they are in trouble. Why? So he can sell them band instruments, uniforms, and instruction books. It takes some serious talent to say those words that fast, trust me, I know. You’ll be singing it for weeks!

Anything You Can Do: Annie Get Your Gun

Annie Oakley is back from her world tour of Europe to see her love, Frank Butler. The two sharpshooters start off on the right foot, but pretty soon, it’s a competition to see who’s the best. This may be one of my favorites, simply because it’s so funny to listen to and sing. It’s also difficult, since the note Annie could hold the longest is 24 beats!

Popular: Wicked 

I actually don’t really know the premise of this song, the only reason I know/love it is because I ran up on it while listening to Broadway show tunes on Pandora. I’m guessing that this girl (I think her name is Glinda) is trying to make Elphaba become popular. It’s a funny song, but with a nasty reminder: “It’s not about aptitude, it’s the way you’re viewed, so it’s very shrewd to be…very, very popular, like me!”


Summer Nights: Grease

Again, don’t know the plot or premise, I just like the song. Sandy and Danny are each telling their friends about how they fell in love during the summer, and the result is a beautiful song that gives me chills (they’re multiplying).

Thanks for reading!


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