Young Justice: Finished Season 2

Yes my friends, I watched the final episode of season 2 just a few days ago. But now I’m really sad because stupid Cartoon Network was supposed to make Young Justice season 3, but nooooo, we had to get Teen Titans Go! Massive spoilers alert!

Who is my fave character now?

Out of the newbies, I’d say Impulse (Bart Allen), because he’s totally crash! I love how he’s so hyper and has to keep moving. He’s also really cocky and adorable in general.

Favorite Episode?

“Summit” was my favorite episode, because everybody kicked some major booty out there. Aqualad revealed he was a traitor, and The Light discovered that Tigress was in fact, Artemis with a glamour charm. Then the team showed up and there was awesome fighting action, and it was beautiful!

Oh, and Wally showed up to fight! *squee*

My Fave Moment?

Lots, actually. The best was when Nightwing attempted to justify the reason for sending only girls on the Bialya mission, and totally failed.

Queen B isn’t the only one who can mess with a man’s mind


You go Batgirl!

The new ships

Well obviously, there’s Waltermis, the old favorite. Evidently, Robin and Zatana were together for a while, but they split up. I hereby ship him with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)! Nightbat or Batwing! At the end, M’gann mentioned the fact that Wondergirl (Cassie) and Robin (Tim Drake) kissed, so I now shall call them…Wonderbird! I ship M’gann and Conner…Supermartian! And that’s about it.

The Feels

Oh my land, the feels were off the charts! The death of Wally West was a traumatic experience, and I was almost crying when he first vanished. And then Artemis asks “Where’s Wally?” And I’m like, freaking out on the couch, and Artemis is crying and I’m just gasping and whimpering. FEELS EVERYWHERE!!! I CANNOT EVEN!! And then when I found out Red Arrow and Cheshire got married and had a kid, more feels. It was like the feels festival!

Enjoy the post!


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