This Is War: Defending Your Opinion Within Your Fandom

Among your fandom, there may be peace and harmony (sometimes). But between the fandoms, it’s an all out battle, and sometimes, the battle is within your fandom. I’m here to prepare you for war, young jedi! 

Inter-fandom Warfare: The low-down on the throw-down

What can spark an inter-fandom war? Many things, my young jedi, many things. It may be about…

  • A particular ship
  • A particularly nasty episode (or movie)
  • A death
  • The end of something
  • The beginning of something
  • pretty much anything

The important thing here is to simply avoid starting a battle if you don’t have proper defenses. Do not engage with the enemy unless you have upwards of 5 reasons why you think this, and rebuttals to possible arguments. Your best resource is canon material, quotes from the characters/scene/writers, and possibly a theory, but only if it is extremely logical!

Ship Wars

Some fandoms are really specific on who is with who. But lots of fandoms aren’t specific, so fans decide who should be together, which can create a lot of problems.  For example…The avatar fandom (I loved that show) has two main ships: Zutara (Zuko and Katara) or Kataang (Katara and Aang). Katara has kissed both of these boys in the past, so now it’s a matter of opinion. Let the war begin!

Don’t fight unless u have proper defenses (see above)

I hope you survive battle!


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