I Know What We’re Gonna Do Today!

When Phineas and Ferb ended, a part of me ended. I actually didn’t get to watch the final season until just recently (thanks Netflix). This show was my childhood, introduced to me by my cousins. And to pay homage to the greatest animated Disney XD show of all time, here is this post. SPOILER ALET

Favorite Episode

My favorite episode is a tie between “Act Your Age” and “Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars”.

Act your age was the final episode, and they aged everyone ten years!!!! The basic idea is that Phineas is picking which college he wants to go to, but then Baljeet tells him that Isabella had a huge crush on him…and Phineas is just like “what, really?” Ugh, stupid boys. Throughout the episode, we find out Ginger and Baljeet are dating (Ginger was the girl who always said “And Baljeet!” when he showed up), Candace goes to law school, and Ferb and Vanessa are dating for reals! But then Phineas decides to talk to Isabella, where it is revealed that he liked her all throughout highschool! Then they kiss, YAY! PHINABELLA FINALLY HAPPENED!!

Here is the GIF in all it’s glory!

The star wars one was really funny! In this one, Phineas and Ferb accidentally get the plans to the death star, and they have to return them.  Perry is a Rebel agent; Candace, Baljeet, and Buford are troopers; Doofenshmirtz is actually Darthenshmirtz; and Isabella is Han Solo’s rival pilot. There are so many good jokes in this one, It’s amazing! Plus, during the credits, Isabella and Phineas kiss! *squee* But the best is when Phineas asks Ferb, “What do you think Ferb? A girl like her and a guy like me?” Well Phineas, you get your wish!

The Songs

Ok, I know all the words to “Gitchee Gitchee  Goo”, even the extended version, and I feel no shame. “Busted” is another one of my favorites, my sister and I would sing it together (I was Candace, she was Vanessa) and have a great time. Also, if you claim you didn’t sing the Doofenshmirtz theme, you sit on a throne of lies. Basically, I love all the songs!

Why I Love This Show

  1. It passes the mom test (that means it’s appropriate)
  2. The use of subtle humor that I didn’t understand in 5th grade, but understand now.
  3. The unexpected plots
  4. Funny characters
  5. And I just love it!


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