Mighty and Powerful Gods

What am I talking about? Why, The Road to El Dorado, duh! I love this movie so much, and so does the internet. I’m gonna fangirl about this movie. SPOILERS ALERT!


Miguel & Tulio

Miguel is the one in the red shirt and khaki pants, and the contagious enthusiasm. He is best known for making the best faces ever, and producing possibly the best GIF in the history of GIFs…the mandolin-playing GIF of epicness!

Tulio, however, is the guy who didn’t even want to go to El Dorado! He’s the serious one, but he ends up with Chel, so points for him! I personally adore Tulio, I think he’s way cuter and I love practical guys. I feel like this picture pretty much sums up their relationship.

Oh, and did you know that Miguel is voiced by Sir Kenneth Branagh?

Tulio doesn’t have time for this nonsense

Also, it has spawned what may be the best crossover of all time

My Recommendation

Everyone should watch this movie. It is on Netflix (so no excuses), and it should be watched at least once (if not twice).  The jokes will surprise you, since there is quite a bit of innuendo. But hey, it’s dreamworks, and they do whatever!


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