Five Disney Feminists

Hey look, Disney can be feminist! And look, it’s NOT from FrozenFrozen is not the first feminist Disney movie, you’re not a true Disnerd if you believe it’s the only one. But it’s not, because I can come up with 5 (In order of personal preference)! SPOILERS ALERT!!


#1: Megara From Hercules

Yeah! Go Meg! Meg is most definitely a feminist. One of the first lines is when Hercules tries to rescue her, she says, “I’m a damsel…I’m in distress…and I can handle this. Have a nice day!” BOOM! But wait…there’s more! She sold her soul to Hades to save her first boyfriend. SHE saved him NOT he saved her. She also never wanted to be in love again, and she threw herself under a freaking pillar and died to save Hercules.

#2: Mulan from Mulan

She joined the Chinese army in her father’s place, was able to “be a man”, kept up with the men, saved Shang and the army, then saved freaking China, and brought honor to her family! I don’t think I need to explain.

#3 Merida from Brave

Did no one watch this movie? Because I vividly remember Merida NOT wanting to marry anyone, shooting arrows everywhere, and trying to win her own hand. True, she was disrespecting her parent’s wishes, but I wouldn’t marry a guy who wore a kilt.

#4 Pocahontas

John Smith comes, she teaches him about respecting nature, and she refuses to marry the guy her father wants her to. But the big deal is that she didn’t go back to England with John Smith, she stayed with her people, because her people were more important than her man.

Pocahontas - Pocahontas

#5: Rapunzel From Tangled

But she gets married! Oh well, do you remember how we got there? She knocked him out with a frying pan, tied him to a chair, and forced him to take her to the lanterns. She also healed his hand, and his crazy stab wound. The journey was her idea, Eugene was just along for the ride.

This concludes my feminist rant!


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