Moms of Disney: Frozen and Tangled

Yesterday was mother’s day (I love u mom), and in honor of this, I’m going to talk about two of the most recent Disney moms.

Queen Iduna

That’s right people, Elsa and Anna’s mom has a real name! Queen Iduna has a lot on her plate, quite honestly, being a queen/mom and all.

What I really don’t understand is why Anna felt so lonely all the time. Didn’t her mother want to get Anna a playmate (maybe one of the servant’s kids) so she wouldn’t be so lonely? I mean, I don’t think the queen just abandoned Anna, but I do think Anna was often cast aside in favor of helping Elsa.

And speaking of Elsa, just look at this screenshot from the movie. Moms never show that they’re afraid unless it is serious. She is looking at her daughter’s future, and she knows that this could go so wrong, so fast.

I have something of a headcannon here: I think that Iduna wanted Elsa to be with other people, much more so than her husband. Maybe every time Elsa had a birthday, Induna would say, “She’s ready, let her have a normal childhood.” But they chose to wait a little longer each time, until finally, it was too late, and Elsa was no longer a child.


The Queen Of Corona

She doesn’t have an official name from a good source, so she’s just the queen. Right at the beginning, she loses her only child. Gone, just like that. And the kingdom searches and they cannot find this baby. She’s freaking out, cause every mom freaks out when their kid vanishes.

And yet, when we see them pre-lantern release, the king is the one that’s crying, and she comforts him. She knows that she is the queen, and she’s got to keep it together, for her husband, and her kingdom.

When the guard comes in, she’s obviously shocked. This poor guard is telling her that her daughter has randomly shown up at the palace, and she’s just shocked. It’s so sweet how she runs all the way there (which would have been considered poor conduct, even in a situation like this), collects herself, and opens the door.

And she looks at this brown-haired girl with hope in her eyes, and it finally hits her: it’s really her daughter. And I love how tears spring to her eyes, and she laughs through her tears, and basically turns on a faucet in my eyes cause it’s all just too much. Best mom ever. Seriously.


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