Powerpuffs and Rowdyruffs

I’m not a 90’s kid. And I was never allowed to watch Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or Disney Channel when I was a kid. But I’ve been wanting to watch the original Powerpuff girls show for several weeks now, especially since it’s got six seasons. I got through the first season in one week, so now I’m gonna do some blogging.


My Favorite Characters

Favorite Powerpuff: Buttercup! I don’t really like being a girly-girl all the time, and I like girls that can take a beating, but still kick butt. We both love the color green, we have green eyes, and we both have bob-cut hair. Love her!

Powerpuff that is most like me: Oddly enough, Blossom and I have a lot in common (personality-wise). She is the leader of the group, and I enjoy being in positions of leadership. She is pretty confident, but can still be insecure and I can relate.

Favorite Rowdyruff: I actually don’t have a favorite, because they are really adorable. I think it’s hilarious that their weakness was cooties, because that’s so true. When I was in kindergarten, little boys would shove snails in your face, and all you had to do as touch them, and they’d flee!

Favorite Villain: Him. Oh my gosh, when i first saw Him, I was so freaked out, and I got really confused as to why a cross between the devil, a lobster, and a cross-dresser was on a children’s show. But hey, it’s cartoon network, they never cared anyway. I like Him because he is really unusual, and also waaaaaay smarter than most of the villains. Gives me the chills just thinking about…Him.

I’m not even a little kid and I think this is creepy

Favorite Episode: The Boys Are Back In Town

OK, I must confess…I looked up the season and episode number and skipped to it! I’M A HORRIBLE FANGIRL!!! OK, I’m good now. But anyway, I started watching it, and I freaked when the Rowdyruffs came back! Their new haircuts were so cute! And then watching the Powerpuff lay kisses on those boys was really adorable, especially since they’re a lot braver than me in the kissing department. The premise was really, really, good, and the show was really funny!

Found adorable fan art

This concludes my Powerpuff fangirling!


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