Becoming a Fangirl

This is simple, I’m gonna tell you how I became a fangirl for each of my fandoms. (SPOILERS)

Becoming a Marvelite

I became a Marvel fangirl by watching Captain America: The First Avenger for a film class. I didn’t really get much out of it (mostly because I spent the movie scribbling down the answers), but I liked it. Then I watched the Avengers while I was on vacation, and I was sold. I then fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole of Avengers memes. I am in possession of 3 Marvel shirts (including a Cap shirt), a pair of Marvel leggings, and a Vinyl POP Captain America bobble head (of Cap, obviously). I also discovered that it is perfectly normal to like Loki more than the other characters.

Bless this Picture

Becoming a Disnerd

I was the most die-hard Disnerd before I knew what that was. I knew the song “Once Upon a Dream” when I was 6, that’s how much I watched Sleeping Beauty. Then I watched the movie Hercules, and it gave me an appreciation for the forgotten movies. Then I looked the movie up on Pinterest, and “Meg+Hercules” was the first board I created, and I still have it. I have thrown myself into Disney, and I pride myself on knowing at least one song per princess movie (and the whole Hercules soundtrack), and random facts.

This is 1000% accurate

Becoming a Pegasister

It was a random day a couple years ago, and I was surfing Netflix for a good new show (I’m always doing that). I saw MLP, clicked on it, and was so excited that I made my sister watch it with me later. Then I looked it up a Pinterest, and I was sucked in. I know loads of the songs, my fave pony is Applejack, and I’ve watched and re watched most of the episodes and all the movies. I have MLP leggings, a calendar, and an Applejack plushie.

Love this picture

Becoming a Demigod

That’s easy, I read the books. Seriously, just go read them. It got really serious for me when Heroes Of Olympus came out and Jasper and Caleo became a thing, and the series ended and I died for a thousand years. I’ve taken multiple kids, but evidently, Athena is my mom! Yeah, Annabeth is my sister!


Team Gale

Peeta is a freaking baker’s boy. ’nuff said.


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