My Top Three Villains

In today’s fangirly post, I will tell you my favorite villains from each fandom! Let’s get evil!

 HIM From The Powerpuff Girls

FYI: I didn’t say the Rowdyruffs because I don’t consider them villains, I consider them as frenemies. Ok, I just love HIM so much, you don’t even understand. The first time I saw the Powerpuff Girls, I was really confused as to why a cross-dressing part-lobster devil was allowed on a children’s TV show. But I got over that. He’s very powerful, a good singer (as seen in the episode See me, feel me, gnomey), had the smarts to bring the Rowdyruffs back, and is just downright creepy.

I’m dying right now (this GIF is freaky)!

Hades From Hercules

Sassy, sweet-talking, and funny, Hades is definitely a force to be reckoned with. After all, he is the lord of the dead. Hades is the first villain of all the Disney villains to actually have a rather winning personality, and a legit chip on his shoulder. He’s also pretty smart (lots smarter then some villains), and does evil really well (but not like HIM, see above GIF).

Loki from The Avengers

That’s right people! I love Loki almost as much as I love Cap. First of all, his cocky/evil grin that proceeds to utterly derail my train of thought. Second of all, his straight-up power, cause the Hulk tossed him like a rag doll, and his bones weren’t even broken! And his outfit and hair are just ON POINT!



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