Creating Your OC

OC’s (Original Creations) are super fun to create, and they can be a mirror of you, or just another person that you created from scratch. I’m no good at art, so instead, I’ll focus on the writing part of OCs, and show you how fun it is.

Invincibility Is a No-No

NO INDESTRUCTIBLE OC’S! Why? Because every character has a weakness. Even Superman has a weakness, so if he does, your character should too. Also, this weakness can’t be so specific that it’s unlikely it will ever happen, because that’s no fun.

Basic Info

When you’re first creating your OC, you’ll need to know the basics about them. Here is  a list of things that must be answered.

  • Name (full, and any nicknames)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Appearance
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

Universe-Specific Traits

Other traits will definitely depend on the universe. If a Marvel or DC OC, do they have superpowers (and if so, who’s their mentor)? If Harry Potter, which house are they in? These sorts of questions will help you sort out how into the universe.

My Example

I am currently writing a fanfic entitled The Fire Inside Me. It’s a Young Justice fanfic, set 2 years after the death of Wally West. For this particular story, I decided to create an OC. Here is my OC as an example.

  • Name: Lydianna Hellen Kane
    • Hero Name: Blaze
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Average height, slender, 100 lbs. (that’s how much I weigh), green eyes, and bob-cut brown hair.
  • Strengths: Leadership, strategy on the fly, combat, swordsmanship, and hacking.
  • Weaknesses: Emotions, can’t lift anything, running, water, and loyalty that puts her own life at risk.
  • Superpower: Pyrokineisis. That is the ability to create and manipulate fire with her mind. This ability makes her resistant to heat and flames, but things like explosions can kill her. Basically just a normal person with fire abilities.

See, she is not a flawless character, in fact, the entire story is about how she overcomes her painful and cloudy past. I hope you enjoyed this fangirly post!


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