Have you ever seen a character and decided that their style was just on point? Well I do that all the time, and I’m gonna tell you who I think is seriously on point.

Avatar Kyoshi: Avatar: The Last Airbender

#Makeupgoals! Kyoshi’s style is very traditional to the earth kingdom, and I love it! Her face paint is just flawless, I love how much contrast there is between the red of her eye paint and the white of the face paint. Her hair is also a nice length and style, and her robes are nice neutral colors. I actually drew Kyoshi for my final art project, and I spent nearly 30 minutes just on her eye paint!

Zatanna: Young Justice

#Outfitgoals! I am talking about Zatanna in Season 1, not Season 2. In season 2, they added cleavage to her costume, which was so unnecessary, not to mention annoying. Anyway…I love how crisp and sharp her outfit is. The blazer and bowtie, along with the slacks and boots are very on point and stylish. I also love how simple her hair is, it’s just down.

Loki: The Avengers

Where my Loki fangirls at? Ok, Loki is just like, on point. The green, gold, and black is just a great color scheme (I love green & gold), and his cape is just so…amazing! I love all the structured, leather elements, like the shoulders and boots. Some things are sharp and angular, but some elements are also curved, and I love the contrast.

Sunset Shimmer: MLP: Equestria Girls

I love her style! The leather jacket is one of my favorite pieces (I own one and wear it every day), and it rocks with her outfit. I love the sunset colors (the pink especially), and her boots are really cool too! Overall, a great outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this fangirly post!


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