Avatar: The Last Airbender Girls

I’m a massive fan of ATLA, and I’m currently on my 3rd rewatch of the show. I will be discussing my favorite strong female characters in this TV show, simply because I love them.

Azula: Conqueror and Princess

At the age of 14, Azula is an extremely powerful bender, princess, head of the Dai Li, Earth Queen, and Fire Lord. She is a very strong character, who has no time for romance, and is also quite unstable. When she is chained up by Katara, she totally breaks down because she has now lost everything. Even though she’s crazy, I still really like Azula.

Katara: Little Girl to Master Bender

When I started my epic rewatch, I had forgotten about how weak Katara was at first. All I could remember was Katara at her best. She is a super strong character, who’s grown a lot, and has made herself stronger. The part when she faced master Pakku was incredible, since that’s essentially water tribe feminism.

Toph: Weakness Makes Her Strong

A blind earth bender who can also bend metal, and sand. Some say her bending rivals that of King Bumi. I love Toph because she uses what most would consider a weakness as a strength. She left a privileged life to teach Aang how to bend, and she’s not afraid of being herself.


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