My Top Ten PPG Episodes

I’m in a PPG mood, OK? Don’t judge me, I know you have some sort of embarrassing obsession too. So here are my top ten, with ten being my last favorite, and one being the absolute best! SPOILERS

Craig McCracken’s Top 10

The reason I am making this list because even the great Mr. McCracken has 10 favorites. I don’t know if these are in a specific order, but here they are. If you don’t know who this wonderful man is, you aren’t a true Powerpuff girl.

  • The Rowdyruff Boys
  • Meet the Beat-Alls
  • Mime for a Change
  • Twisted Sister
  • Bubblevicious
  • Monkey See, Doggie Do
  • Boogie Frights
  • Uh Oh, Dynamo
  • The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever!
  • Beat Your Greens

 #10 HIM Diddle Riddle

From Season 4, Episode 4. HIM is giving the girls riddles with crazy short time limits, warning that if they fail, the professor will pay. It turns out that in the end, the professor has to pay $7 for his flap jack breakfast, much to the girls’ shock. I like this episode because it features HIM (whom I adore), and it has all sorts of crazy challenges for the girls to solve. The best was Blossom’s score of 10 on the SAT, and Bubble’s score of 1,040!

Fun Fact: The two clones of Miss Keane, one of which tells the truth, and the other that lies, are based off the movie Labyrinth. In it, the two castle guards are the same as the two Miss Keanes, one tells the truth, and the other lies.

#9 Power-Noia

From Season 4, Episode 12. HIM gives the girls horrible nightmares about their worst fears. Blossom is afraid of failure, Buttercup of spiders, and Bubbles of the dark and unknown. Blossom discovers how to beat HIM’s plot, the girls beat their fears, and HIM’s sorry butt. What I love about this episode the most is how truly scared Blossom is. She is normally portrayed as perfect, and having it all together, but here, she falls apart. I really identify with Buttercup as well, since I hate spiders.

Fun Fact: This is the fist episode to show what the girls are truly afraid of, and it expands on fears that have been hinted at in the past.

#8 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

Season 5, Episode 7. This one’s on Netflix, but it did not originally air in the US. Anyways…In this episode, it’s a rock opera! There are multiple songs, but my personal favorite is ‘Townsville’s Going Down’ at the very beginning. We get to hear the villains sing, and the plot is pretty good!

Fun Fact: This is the third Cartoon Network Opera to been shown. The first was “LABretto”, the episode from Dexter’s Lab. The second was “The Pie Who Loved Me,” the episode from Evil Con Carne. However this one did not air on Cartoon Network. (Fact from the Powerpuff girls wikia).

#7 The City of Clipsville

Season 5, episode 8. This episode is a clip show (every cartoon does one), and the stuff from the old episodes is not important…it’s the teenager sequence! This is when Blossick, Boombubbles, and Butchercup shippers (like myself) nearly had a heart attack and died. SHIP CONFIRMED!!! I just love Blossom’s awful excuse, “I have to study for an algebra test…for English!” PRICELESS!!

Fun Fact: It is believed that the reason the teen sequence was included was because of the huge amount of fan mail Craig McCracken received demanding that the Ruffs and Puffs be together.

Their outfits are so early 2000’s

Does Buttercup not see what Butch is holding?

#6 West In Pieces

Season 6, Episode 11. I wish there were more PPG episodes like this, where we see them in a different time period. Also, this is so stempunk, and I love it. Mojo the Kid tries to rob the first bank of Townsville, and it’s up to the Steamypuff girls to save the day. I’d really like to see the Rowdyruff boys as the…Dustysnuff boys? IDK, I just made that name up!

Fun Fact: This is the second episode to imply that there may be more than one generation of PPGs (the first being Seed no Evil).

#5 Mime For a Change

Season 1, episode 11. Ok, I don’t really care too much about the plotline (though it is pretty good). Ok, I do care about the plot. Rainbow the clown gets bleach poured all over him, and turns into an evil mime bent on sucking the color out of Townsville. Naturally, Bubbles completely loses it when she sees the lack of color, and Buttercup and Blossom get their color drained. BUT THE SONG COMES AND OH MY GOODNESS *screams*. La La Love, La La Love makes the world go round! Love, love, love, la la love, la la love makes the world go round! Blossom just SHREDS on the guitar!

Fun Fact: This is the first/only episode to show the puffs playing instruments.

#4 Custody Battle

Season 6 episode 7. An episode focusing on the Ruffs? COUNT ME IN! In this lovely episode, HIM and Mojo battle it out to see who’s the better parent. The mayor ends up naked and chasing a guy so he can have a banana (not the strangest thing that happens). I love this episode so much, you don’t even know.

Fun Fact: This is HIM’s final role as a main villain (in an 11 minute episode), and the final appearance of the Ruffs *sobs*.

The Rowdyruff Boys, they doomed the day!

#3 Meet the Beat Alls

Season 3 episode3 12. This entire episode is just one big Beatles reference, so unless you live under a rock, you’ll catch the references. Even I caught some references, and I almost never listen to the Beatles. I love this one so much!

Fun Fact: Craig McCracken is a Beatles fan. Need I say more?

This GIF is a reference.

#2 The Rowdyruff Boys

Season 1, Episode 12. Do I even need to explain this to you? *sigh*, I probably should. I love this first appearance, even thought there isn’t enough time to establish personalities. It also revealed that little boys can in fact, be (mentally) destroyed by cooties. Hehe!

Fun Fact: This was the first 22 minute episode.


Season 5, episode 6. My most favorite of episodes! YEAH! In this episode, the boys are resurrected, give the girls quite a beating, and get shrunk by embarrassment! This episode also showed the Ruff’s personalities: Brick being arrogant and cruel, Butch being rough and aggressive, and Boomer being (slightly) dumb and aloof. This episode also made me realize that Brick is clearly my favorite.

My Fun Facts: My favorite line from Brick is “Yeah? Well you can’t stop a good thing, babe!”

Real Fun Fact: This is the last time the Ruffs appeared in a 22 minute episode.

For more Puffy and Ruffy fun check out my Puffs and Ruffs Pinterest board, and my two fanfics: Love is Ruff and A Red Hot Summer (still in progress).


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