TTG vs. PPG: A Review

About a week ago, I decided to look up TTG vs. PPG on Youtube to see if I could give the PPG reboot a stamp of fangirl approval. Wanna hear what I think? Read on!

Initial Reaction: What the Crap is this?!

Seriously. That was what I thought. In fact, I spent the full 11 minutes saying this aloud many times. I had so many questions, it was all just so…blech!

Image result for ttg vs. ppg

Look at all this crap

The Ok, the bad, and the really bad!

God bless the Powerpuffs. They put up with so much crap from the Teen Titans. Like Starfire, Raven, and Robin TOTALLY dissing them…EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE FLOATING IN MID AIR!!!! The competitions were just ridiculous, If the PPGs¬†hadn’t won all of them, I probably would’ve sued Cartoon Network for crappy reboot crossovers.

Image result for ttg vs. ppg

But at the same time, the ppgs were so weak! Powerpuff repellent? The old PPGs¬†would’ve beat up the Teen Titans and Mojo in less than 11 minutes and returned to Townsville. These new PPGs just sit there and cough till it vanishes! WHAT THE CRAP?! Craig McCracken is probably face palming somewhere in the distance.

All in all, I’ll give this 1/5. It sucked. Really bad. But hey, that’s just my opinion!


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