My Little Pony: Fandom is Magical

You’ve all heard me say how much I love MLP, but I’ve never given this fandom it’s own topic…so here I go! Grab your cupcakes and your pet turtle, cause we’re going on a magical journey to the land of Equestria!

Part 1: A Little About Myself

My Favorite Mane 6 Pony

If you ask any brony or pegasister who their favorite pony is, they’ll ask you to narrow that down a bit. My favorite Mane 6 pony is Applejack. I love her hard-working spirit and her unwillingness to give up. She represents the element of honesty, and I just love her so much!

Image result for applejack pony

My Favorite Background Pony

That’s easy it’s…hmm… *pulls out spreadsheet* *contemplates for hours* Raven! Don’t know who Raven is? She’s appeared a few times on the show, most noticeably in ‘Filli Vanilli’, where she is the mayor’s assistant. I love her style, just look how adorable and nerdy she looks!

Image result for raven pony

Part 2: A Lot About the Fandom

Acceptance and Belonging

So you’ve watched the show, and all the movies, and you love it. But you’re probably afraid of what others will think. Let me just say, the non-fanpeople in real life usually don’t get it. They think if it’s a kid’s show, it’s automatically stupid. Meanwhile, the internet loves MLP, and you’ll probably find a whole community of bronies and pegasisters.

Image result for pegasister

That’s all I have for today! Bye Bye!


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