Who Ya Gonna Call?

Let’s be clear, I haven’t seen any of the other Ghostbuster movies. So this is my first intro to the rather interesting movie series. And let me just say…this was a perfect introduction

Gender-Flippin’ Awesome!

I’d heard of this new addition to the Ghostbusters universe via some Pinterest stuff, and how awesomely feminist this movie was. I knew from previous movies that the former busters were all male, with a lone female secretary. But look at us now! An all female team with a lone male secretary.

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Just Doing Their Jobs

What I especially enjoyed was the movie’s portrayal of these four ladies. They were not framed as crazy individuals who were using questionable science and their good looks to solve the case. Heck no.

Erin Gilbert is a Professor at Columbia University, and you can see her degrees hanging on the wall of her office.

Abby Yates was a former Professor at the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute. She has a lab, equipment, and she probably designed most of that stuff.

Jillian Holtzman was also a professor who built the proton packs and pretty much everything important.

And let’s not forget Patty Tolan. She may not be a scientist, but she’s the team’s resident NY City expert. The team couldn’t have done it without her.

Who could forget Kevin? The fact that he was the dumb blonde male secretary was so perfect. And it’s Chris Hemsworth! Who doesn’t love that?

A Quick Note About the Clothes/Lack of males

I don’t know if ya’ll noticed, but usually, if female heroes are in a movie, they’re either in love with the protagonist, or they have a sexy costume. And if they aren’t following those two laws, it’s weird. Ghostbusters totally breaks those laws. No one’s in love (except for Erin, but it’s a schoolgirl crush), and their costumes have zero cleavage. Like, they look like costumes the old Ghostbusters would wear.

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And that’s all for today!


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