D’oh! The Simpsons Post

The Simpsons has been in the background of my life since before I can remember. My Dad, a huge fan, watched it (at night when I was sleeping) and would quote things to my sister and I before we were allowed to watch it. So naturally, I took advantage of the DVDs upstairs, and watched seasons 1 and 5.

Season 1

My dad tried to warn me. But I didn’t listen. I’d seen a few of the newest Simpsons, so I thought I’d travel back in time and start with season 1. Aye Carumba! Not only is the animation really basic, the voice acting made me wanna hit myself in the head. But, it was a nice introduction to everything and everyone.

Image result for the simpsons season 1

Season 5

Please don’t hate on me for skipping four seasons, it was because we only have certain seasons on DVD, and 5 was the earliest one. Even though the animation is still pretty crude, the refined voice acting makes up for it. The plots are also a lot funnier than season 1.

Image result for the simpsons season 5

List Of Favorite Episodes

  • Krusty Gets Busted: I liked this one simply because of Sideshow Bob. Great big giant shout out to Kelsey Grammar for this one, the voice acting is flawless.

Image result for krusty gets busted

  • Homer’s Barbershop Quartet: I’m addicted to anything musical, so I loved listening to the Be Sharps sing over and over again.

Image result for homer's barbershop quartet

  • Cape Feare: The return of Bob! Between the rake gag and the witness protection program, I laughed so hard I nearly died. Also, the HMS Pinafore part was so awesome. I loved how Bob somehow managed to procure a costume, playbill, and backdrop.

Image result for cape feare

  • Treehouse of Horror IV: The devil as Ned Flanders is arguably the best part. “It’s always the one you least expect.”

Image result for ned flanders the devil

  • Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy: Shamelessly parodying Barbie? I’m in! I mostly liked this episode because Smithers and his collection.

Image result for lisa vs malibu stacy

List Of Favorite Characters

  • Smithers: I freaking love Smithers. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure on the why. Maybe it’s the voice (I love his voice). Maybe it’s cause I sympathize with his quest for love. I don’t really know.

Image result for the simpsons smithers

  • Sideshow Bob: I’ve actually got reasons for this one (shocking I know). 1) The voice is awesome. 2) Homicidal maniac who sings? yass. 3) The cleverness and sarcasm is strong with this one.

Image result for the simpsons sideshow bob

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my foray into the world of the Simpsons. More will come as I watch more seasons.


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