The 3 Struggles of a Cartoon Fangirl

The. Struggle. Is. Real. Whether you’re partial to Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, or Disney Channel/XD, you get crap for it. The crap just flows from the muggles who don’t get it/don’t care. Here are some of the struggles that have actually happened to me.

Cartoons Are For Kids

Image result for blossom ppg angryFair warning: if you say this to a cartoon fan, they’ll seriously contemplate punching you in your sorry face. It’s the most annoying thing ever. Some fans will say, “heck yeah it’s for kids, that’s what makes it awesome!” Others will just tell you to shut your mouth. Me, I’m more of a “that’s what makes it awesome” type person. I’ve been trained to be nice. But that doesn’t mean I’m not screaming on the inside. Also, if you’ve watched The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Bob’s Burgers, or King of the Hill, just stop talking.

Alternately, don’t ever tell someone their fave cartoon is “for little boys” or “for little girls”. They’ll hate you with a passion. And you really should reconsider your foolhardy words.  You’re gendering the show, which is not ok in my book. Sure, it may be geared more toward one gender vs. the other, but any gender should be able to enjoy a cartoon, no matter what it’s about.

Recommended For You: Canimals

You’ve just finished watching your favorite cartoon of all time. You’re looking for a new Image result for blossom ppg annoyedshow…and Netflix has recommended Canimals. Now I’m not dissing Canimals, it’s just not a show I’d waste my time on. The struggle is also real when Netflix takes off every season of the Powerpuff girls. I’m still bitter about that.

It Can’t Possibly Have a Good Story

Image result for young justiceAgain, you’re gonna make so many people angry. You’re not ready for it. Some cartoons have no continuing story line across episodes. Everything resets at the end. But that’s just Image result for scooby doo mystery incorporatedone kind of cartoon. Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated had two seasons of menacing monsters and a really good plot. Young Justice is also a cartoon, but the way the episodes weave together is astounding. The whole thing with the light, and Zatanna + Robin was just amazing.

Even cartoons without overarching stories have good short stories. Image result for phineas and ferb Powerpuff girls, for example, manages to make fascinating 10 minute stories. Every Image result for powerpuff girlsepisode from “Twisted sister” to “Stray Bullet” is fascinating. The same can be said about Phineas and Ferb, the show about summer inventiveness. They pack musical numbers and Perry the Platypus into 10 minutes. So don’t hate. Please, for your sake and mine.




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