3 Favorite YouTubers

YouTube is typically out of my depth, but I’ve got my top three like most people. Enjoy my most favorite YouTubers.

Studio C

Everyone give it up for these guys! With their hilarious and witty sketches that appeal to Image result for studio call ages, you’ll wanna rewatch all 7 seasons! They’re definitely more slapstick humor, but the adults will catch some of the references.

  • Age Range: Ages 7+. Younger kids will enjoy the slapstick humor. Older kids and adults will appreciate the more subtle humor.
  • Videos: 6 completed seasons with a seventh in mid-season. These are the videos that appear in their sketch comedy show on BYU tv, but they’ve got YouTube exclusives as well.
  • Best Videos: Naturally, Dungeons and Dragons, International Relations, Game of Life IRL, and Avengers Age of Ultron Musical Parody.
  • Pro tips: The earlier sketches aren’t as good, and the newest sketches are starting to get a little stale, so somewhere in the seasons of 3-5 are the best.

Stampylonghead’s Terraria Videos

Don’t hate on me for this. Stampylonghead is fairly famous for his Let’s Play Minecraft Image result for stampylonghead terrariavideos (which there are hundreds of), but I think his Terraria videos are so much better. They cover everything from minor discoveries to battling the bosses.

  • Age Range: 7+. The humor and language is clean.
  • Videos: There’s at least 50. The newer ones are obviously far more interesting.
  • Best Videos: The later ones are far more interesting to me, as are the boss videos.
  • Pro tips: These really don’t offer a lot of tips on the how to play the game, but it kinda shows you what to expect for things like bosses and different seasonal events.

Olan Rogers

You didn’t think this would be on here, didja? Well guess what? I love him! Olan Rogers’ Image result for olan rogersstories are the actual best thing to hit YouTube. He covers everything from childhood traumas to adult nightmares. And the way he tells it is the best.

  • Age range: At least 12+
  • Videos: He doesn’t just tell stories, though I personally don’t really explore those.
  • Best Videos: Ghost in the stalls, The Batman Birthday, Return of the King, and A thief in the night all really take the cake.
  • Pro tips: Don’t watch this if you’re supposed to be quiet, because you will actually crack up laughing. True story

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