I’ve Been Sherlocked

Everyone knows of SuperWhoLock (Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock). I’ve never been too interested in Doctor Who, and Supernatural is just a little too overwhelming. A good friend of mind recommended it, and now I’m a Sherlockian (SPOILERS). 

The Science of Deduction

One of the most amazing parts of watching the show is getting to see Sherlock notice the Image result for a study in pinkthings that no one does. He notices the dead woman in A Study In Pink is a serial adulterer in an unhappy marriage just by the condition of her wedding ring. Cut to me on the couch with my mind basically imploding. It’s almost maddening too, because you’re wondering why you aren’t as keen as the handsome Sherlock.

Say Hello, Sherlockians

Sherlock: The Mystery-Solver

Sherlock is a strange man. I love him! He has stated he is a highly functioning sociopath.Image result for bbc sherlock It’s been suggested he may have Asperger’s, autism, and even sensory sensitivities. But as he said, he’s high functioning. He has a job, a handful of key friends, and even a rival. Sherlock is cold, unemotional, rational, and logical even under immense pressure.

Watson: The Best Friend

Watson is a foil to Sherlock. If you’re not familiar with theater, it Image result for bbc watsonmeans a character that is created to highlight their traits because they are different. He is very warm, emotional, compassionate, and more “human” than Sherlock. But I like him because he is all of us in the presence of Sherlock.

Inspector Lestrade: The Only Adult Here

Image result for bbc lestradeInspector Lestrade puts up with so much crap, it’s amazing. He gets frustrated with Sherlock, and how cryptic he is. He really believes in Sherlock, and speaks up for him on his behalf. He reminds me a lot of an exasperated parent.

Moriarty: The Nice-Looking Killer

Moriarty is legitimately frightening to me. Like, he looks normal. No scars, he’s not unnaturally short or tall, he’s just a guy. A freaky serial killer guy. Image result for bbc moriartyBut I absolutely love him. He’s clever, witty, sly and all-around freaky. He’s the perfect personification of Sherlock on the dark side. Not to mention wonderfully handsome and charming when he wants to be.

Suggestions For You

  • One episode is the length of a movie. You read that correctly. So don’t be expected to blitz through a season unless you have 4 1/2 hours to commit.
  • Young Sherlockians, avoid “A Scandal in Belgravia” from Season 2. There are naked people! My mom nearly had a fit when we saw the little opening thing before the opening credits.
  • Drop everything if you wanna get through an episode in one go. They’re long, and require time commitment.
  • Enjoy being Sherlocked!



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