Cartoon Moments That Will Give You All The Feels

Every single cartoon has that one moment where you totally forget its not real, because it takes your heart and stops all over it! Here’s a round up of my fave moments that nearly made me cry. (SPOILERS)

Hercules, Look Out!


Yo fam, I wasn’t prepared for this moment. Why? Because every time I watch a movie like this, I think “It’s a Disney movie! What could possibly go wrong?” Every time, my heart gets stomped on. *wails*. So anyway, this scene was shocking, because usually it’s the dude that does the saving. Plus, Meg didn’t wanna put her heart out on the line anymore, so I was fairly certain that there’d be no dramatic death scene.

But then here we are! Meg throws herself beneath the pillar. Cue incoherent noises from me, who is freaking out about this!! There she is lying on the ground, saying that sweet line that hits me every time. Feels everywhere.

Just Try to Lay Low, Son

So, I couldn’t find a good picture of this one…but we’ll continue on. Chicken Little has justImage result for chicken little sad song embarrassed himself at school by accidentally tripping the fire alarm/ sprinklers. His dad comes to pick him up from school, and Chicken Little tells him he wants to play baseball. His dad suggests things like the chess club, glee club, or stamp collecting, but he won’t go for it. He wants baseball. But his dad won’t support him.

A movie about a chicken and aliens was not supposed to give me the feels!! Chicken Little’s been through a lot, and only his friends truly support him. Oh, look at the river of feels flowing down my cheeks.

Now We Have to Live Here!

Again, was not expecting this from the Powerpuffs, but whatevs. So, the PPGs have just found out that they actually helped Mojo take over the world, not make it a better place. They flee to a meteorite in space. This is where the feels start. Bubbles just flat-out wails and cries, which is expected. Buttercup yells, screams, gets into a fight with Blossom, then throws a great big angry fit. That’s also pretty expected, because Buttercup gets angry pretty often.

But it’s Blossom that blows my mind every single time. She doesn’t cry, she doesn’t curse and yell. She goes off to sit and look at earth by herself, then puts her head in her hands. Not a single sound comes out. And you know, somehow, that she’s utterly devastated. Oh the feels!

He Filled the Sea With His Tears

That’s right ya’ll, the little short before Inside Out almost made me weep. This short is Image result for lava shortsung entirely by a guy with a ukulele. It’s about the boy volcano, who watches all the animals find mates, and he wants one too. So he sings his song: I have a dream I hope will come true, that you’re here with me, and I’m here with you. I wish that the earth, sea, and the sky up above would send me someone to lava.  It’s the part when the lady volcano appears, and he’s sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and she sings his song. “He filled the sea with his tears” nearly gets me every time. Also, it was like 11:00 at night, so that might’ve been part of the problem.

Comes Marching Home

You guys, Avatar was not supposed to make me cry, or want to fling myself off a cliff. So Image result for atla leaves from the vinethis episode, “The Tales of Ba Sing Se” is a collection of short stories about the ATLA characters. Iroh’s story is all about how he goes shopping for different things, and treats everyone with kindness. Cool, I know. But then we find out that it’s his son’s birthday. His dead son’s birthday, the one who died during the invasion of Ba Sing Se.
So he climbs to the top of a really pretty hill with a nice tree, and starts singing a song called “Leaves From the Vine”. And he starts crying, and so do I. Every. Single. Time.

Brave little soldier boy…comes marching home




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