I Saw Beauty & The Beast

Oh my gosh I saw it! I saw the thing to end all things. My friends, get your tickets right now because this movie is worth the price of admission. (SPOILERS)


One thing that struck me roughly half way through the movie was how independent and strong Belle was. One of the things Gaston mentioned was that she “doesn’t make a fool of Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 belleherself just to win my favor. What do you call that?” Lefou replied that she has dignity. Belle has dignity in spades. When Gaston confronted her about him coming to dinner that night (very rude of him), she said no. When he asked if she was busy…she said no. And walked away from his stupid face. She even flat out said that she’d never marry him. To his face. Right in his dumb, ugly, stupid face!!! I did a mental fist pump. She also attempted to escape the Beast’s tower by lowering herself out the window. Belle tried to teach a little girl to read, got hate for it, and refused to apologize. She defended her father, and did that amazing line where she told Gaston that he was the real monster.

Gaston is Actually Satan

Words can hardly begin to describe how possessive (over someone he doesn’t own), bigoted, arrogant, and violent Gaston is in this movie. If he made you mad in the animated one, he’llImage result for beauty and the beast 2017 gaston leave you utterly enraged in this one. He refers to Belle as an “it” a frightening number of times. But the thing that sets apart from animated Gaston is how he treats Maurice. He asks Maurice for his blessing over he and Belle’s (nonexistent) marriage. Maurice is a very smart man. He says no. So Gaston punches him right in the face which knocks him over, then he ties Maurice to a tree to die. Gaston made me so incredibly angry in the movie. And the sad part is that the town is utterly infatuated with him.

“This Movie Is Blatantly Gay”

You’re wrong if you said this. In fact, if anyone says this to you, don’t let it stop you. This Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 lefoumovie is only gay if that is what you are looking for. It is not so obvious that younger kids could see it. It’s subtle, but teenagers and adults will most likely notice the huge number of jokes they crack about it. Everyone said that “Lefou is totally gay for Gaston.” Well guess what??? This movie is exactly like the original. That’s right fam. Minus the innuendo, the interactions between Gaston and Lefou are the same. So guess what? That means you’re wrong and you should apologize to everyone that had to listen to you nonsense.

Talking Furniture

The animation and effects in this movie are out of this world. They did such a good job atImage result for beauty and the beast 2017 mrs potts making Lumiere, Cogsworth, Chip, Mrs. Pots, and all the others look like real pieces of furniture. Mrs. Pots, in my opinion had the best design. She looks like a real tea pot. The wardrobe and the piano look amazing in matching blue paint with gold accents.

I think my personal favorite part of the movie was seeing how accurate the fashions were. Like, powdered wigs and faces, bustles and hoop skirts, the whole nine yards. It’s lovely to watch.

Best Song: Evermore

This is the Beast’s song he sings when he lets Belle go. I love this song so much. He sings Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 the beastabout how he’s let Belle go, and he’s watching her ride away, but he knows she’ll never really leave him. She’ll always haunt him, and torment him because of what could’ve been. And then you truly grasp how much he loves her. He loves her so much, he’s willing to let her go, even if she’ll never come back to him. And it’s killing him, but he loves her enough to do it anyway.

So to summarize this post: Go watch this movie


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