There’s Just No Telling How Far I’ll Go

I missed the boat (ha ha) in November. I had exactly $0 to my name, and needed to buy Christmas presents, so no Moana for me. But I saw it last week, and it blew me away. SPOILERS

Favorite Song(s)

You’re Welcome

This!!! A very good friend of mine (thanks Josh) introduced me to this song at a New Year’s Party. Image result for you're welcome moanaheard the Lin Manuel-Miranda in it, and proceeded to start off 2017 listening to the song 9 times in a row.
What’s the lesson? What is the take-away? Give me some Disney and I’ll listen to it all day! Yes I know the syllables are off but that’s beside the point. I love how Maui literally has zero idea as to who he’s dealing with, and that she thinks he’s a dingbat. Also, love Mini Maui (his little tattoo, the only hand-drawn thing in the movie) and the sass. Plus, this song is just too catchy to resist. Now whenever I say “you’re welcome” I have to sing it.


“Well Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam…” If you sing that in front of me, I will singImage result for shiny moana the whole thing, complete with terrible David Bowie-esque voice (it doesn’t work because I sing an octave higher in some places, and it sounds bad on me). Anyways, same friend who introduced me to “You’re Welcome” introduced me to “Shiny” a few weeks later.

So, I love this song for many reasons. #1, it’s a David Bowie tribute (by Jemaine Clement no less), sung by a giant crab. Secondly, Tamatoa is suuuuuuper sadistic (Now I eat you so prepare your final plea, just for me), and therein lies the strangeness of this Image result for shiny moana glowingsong. It’s super hilarious to have a shiny crab dancing around singing this rather upbeat song, but he’s trying to eat Moana and kill Maui at the same time. Third, it’s the anti-lesson of the movie. Instead of being all about what’s inside, Tamatoa tries to tell Moana that it’s only about what’s outside.

Also he starts glowing. That’s a big deal for me.

Art & Animation

Just stop what you’re doing and appreciate the picture of Moana’s island. Look how Image result for moana landscapevibrant the colors are. You can see each individual blade of grass. You can see each palm tree leaf. You can see the striping on the trunks. It’s all there.

They had to design a new program called Splash to animate the waves. It’s Image result for moana oceanso pretty the way the ocean moves and looks. That also means the animators had to ask, “Ok, how does the ocean behave and move?” I do not have the brain capacity to think about that.


Ironically, this is not considered Disney’s first computer-animated movie. Know why? Mini Maui is handrawn 2-D traditional. That makes me happy. I miss 2-D animated movies. Mini Maui is a reminder that 2-D is still cool. Image result for mini maui gif

I’m Not A Princess!

Yo fam, this is a good time to be alive. Moana had no love interest. I honestly was expecting her to either be fleeing a marriage, or to fall in love with Maui. Thank God, I Image result for moana chief outfitwas wrong. Moana doesn’t need a guy.

I mean, I think it’s way cool that she’s the next chief. That’s like, a big deal. Her dad’s just like, “You’re the next great chief,” and I’m getting way excited, cause her dad (a man) is passing on the leadership to his daughter. That’s crazy!!!

So then her and Maui are on the boat, and literally every time there’s a lull, I’m just waiting for…the kiss. I admit, I love a good romance. However Maui and Moana didn’tImage result for moana and maui seem like they could be in love. Moana thought Maui was a dingbat when they met. He kept calling her “little girl” (the age gap seemed rather vast). Plus, there was none of the whole beating around the bush thing (like how Anna & Kristoff didn’t get it together until the end). So to summarize: the lack of romance was a refreshing tropical breeze




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