Powerpuff Girls: The Reboot

I know that Powerpuffs like me may have been quick to judge, but we should honestly try and give the reboot a chance. I already roasted and called out TTG vs. PPG, but this will be different. That’s what this post is all about, me being a little slower to judge this heavily-critized show

Sisters, Not Twins

So it’s pretty obvious that these shows are not clones. They have lots of differences that Image result for old ppg and new ppgare too long to mention here, so why are fans treating it like it should be the old show? Granted, it’s a rather disappointing performance if you prefer the old stuff, but you’ve also got to realize your setting really high expectations for this show.

What I’m trying to say is: think about the new PPG’s as being separate beings from the old ones. It really helps


Hearing Voices

So the most frightening part of this show for me is the fact that pretty much every voiceImage result for old ppg and new ppg is the same…except for the Powerpuff Girls. This honestly freaks me out to no end. Tom Kane (HIM, Professor Utonium) and Tom Kenny (Narrator, Mayor) are both on the show. So is Roger L. Jackson, the original Mojo Jojo. But not Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong, or E. G Daily.

I personally think that the voice casting is slightly awkward. Buttercup for one, sounds too tomboyish…like a girl pretending to sound like a guy. Blossom is way too high-pitched for my liking. Bubbles is actually pretty OK.

I Art It

Image result for ppg 2016 backgroundsSo I have to say, the art style for the new one is really cool. I love all the detail and stuff, and how there are more curves than the original. Just look at this shot of their house! The way the clouds are shaded is my favorite detail. The warm colors blend together really nicely, and look fabulous.

Episode Reviews

I did not watch every single episode of the show. That would take too long, and I don’tImage result for ppg 2016 man up even get Cartoon Network on my TV (I know, so sad).

The first episode I watched was Man-Up, an episode in which Buttercup learns to control her anger. I liked the “DON’T CALL ME PRINCESS!!” part, but this episode was actually pretty good. I think it does a good job showing younger audiences that being angry and destructive isn’t cool, especially when people get hurt. I really liked how Buttercup totally took down the misogynist Man Boy at the end. Girl Power to the max!

Image result for ppg 2016 tiara troubleNext I watched Tiara Trouble, because I needed a HIM episode under my belt. This was a pretty good episode that made me feel rather nostalgic about the villains. However, Princess Morbucks is a total flop in my eyes. Princess used to be bratty, but you got the idea that even though she was super rich, nobody liked her because she was a total brat. Now, her voice and attitude make it almost seem cool to be a brat (which is a lie). The plot was fairly original, and I liked how Bubbles knew it was more about having fun than winning.


My main concerns are that the Powerpuffs are rather one dimensional. Like, super beyond one dimensional. Buttercup is the toughie who has no feelings whatsoever. Related imageBubbles is “the cute one” who likes to giggle and cries a lot. Blossom is “the smart one” and her self-worth is based entirely on how smart she is.

In the old PPG, things were very different. Buttercup had a crush on Ace, needed a blankie, and did more than just punch things. Bubbles was metal AF sometimes, like in the episode where she went hardcore.  And Blossom did all kinds of stuff too!

Powerpuff Yourself

wallpaper-powfactor (2)One of the few good things to come out of this show was powerpuffyourself.com. That’s right people, make your PPG dreams come true and become a Powerpuff girl.

According to the website: “You’re A Super Achiever! Nobody works as hard as you do, and you’ve accomplished so many awesome things that your trophies are getting too heavy for your shelves. You’re unstoppable!” This is a fairly accurate description. My advice would be to answer as truthfully as possible. My friends and I did this, and we all got totally different things. One of my friends got, “Chillzilla.” While another one of my friends got a cooking-related one. Have fun with it! And post your Powerpuff in the comments!


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