Lorelai Gilmore: TV Mom Extraordinaire

In honor of mother’s day this Sunday, I’d like to make a post on one of my favorite TV moms, Lorelai Gilmore of Gilmore Girls. I love how she’s the exact opposite of your typical uptight “my entire existence is based around cooking and cleaning” TV Mom. Massive spoilers ahead!

A Quick Note

While this post celebrates a TV Mom, I’d like to give a shout-out to my mom. Thank you for supporting me in everything I do, and encouraging me to blog and write fanfiction. Thank you for allowing me to pursue my interests, and letting me listen to the Music Man soundtrack at age three. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I love you so much, and I hope that you have a happy mother’s day.

XOXO & Lots of Love, Your oldest daughter

Razor-Sharp Wit

Image result for lorelai gilmore quotesAnyone who’s seen this show knows that one does not simply stop Lorelai Gilmore from being witty. Her witty references and remarks are the whole reason I watch this show. It doesn’t matter who she’s talking to, they’ll get their daily dose of sass and sarcasm from her. She can keep up a banter with Rory, Emily, Richard, Luke, you name it!

Wait…Good Advice?!

I swear, even the craziest of moms have really good advice. Lorelai is no exception. She Image result for lorelai gilmore advicegives advice on everything, but her words of wisdom on Rory’s (incredibly dramatic) relationships are the best. Like, Rory is sometimes a total basket case when it comes to her current boyfriend (Dean, Jess, or Logan. It still drives me wild that she only had 3 main ones but we have 7 whole seasons of angst), and Lorelai just sort of watches and waits for an opening. The crazy people always have really good advice.Image result for lorelai gilmore advice

Not Quite Flawless

Despite the fact that she is a sarcasm/coffee goddess, Lorelai is not perfect. Not even close. She makes lot’s of mistakes in 7 seasons. First of all, she liked Dean better than Jess, which I can see why, but Dean turned out to be a complete dingbatImage result for lorelai and luke at the end. She also pulls away from her parents a lot, unfortunately. And who could forget her really random flings with guys (we’re looking at you Max) that didn’t turn out well. Obviously, Lorelai is human, just like the rest of us. But hey, getting married to Luke was a really great idea.



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