Quick Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Here’s a short but sweet list of things to do for your mom or grandma on Mother’s Day that is sure to put a smile on their faces. Note: most of these are not last minute.

  • Offer to take her out for coffee, or any other meal. Bonus points if you invite Grandma along too.
  • Make her breakfast, in bed or otherwise.
  • Either the day before or day of, do most of the chores that she normally does. IMPORTANT: try to pick ones that you can do yourself, because if you have to ask for help, it kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Offer to make dinner more often, and actually make dinner more often.
  • Make her a cool collage or photo album (for the cash-strapped fangirl).
  • Buy a plant for her office space. Succulents are awesome because they don’t need too much watering.
  • Does she love to write? Buy her a journal with a fancy cover, and maybe a set of nice pens.
    • Or buy a journal with a blank cover and make an old-fashioned modgepodge collage on the cover using favorite photos.
  • If you can’t make it home for this special day, send her a heartfelt letter or postcard.
    • Or, if you’ve got kids and you live far away from her, send her framed photos.
  • Write her a song and perform it.
  • Marathon her favorite movies with her (even if you’re not really a fan)
    • Same goes for TV shows
      • Buy her the complete box set
  • Take her shopping
  • Be nicer than usual on Mother’s day (this can’t be your only present tho)

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