Fake Geek

Today, I’ll be sharing a personal anecdote about a time when my geekiness was called into question

Talking ‘Bout Avengers

So my friends and I adore talking about fandom. On this particular day, two of my guy friends and I were discussing Marvel movies. Dude #1 (who will be referred to as Deadpool) is a comic book nutcase. Like, homie doesn’t ever stop talking about all the graphic novels and comic books he’s read. The conversation went something like this.

Deadpool: So what’s your favorite Marvel movie?

Me: *had only watched like 3 Marvel movies at the time* Avengers.

Deadpool: They just made that movie so more girls would watch the Marvel movies. Real geeks wouldn’t like that movie. That movie is absolute crap!

Image result for black widow eye roll
My face as the verbal barf spewed from his mouth


Ugh, it sucked to be in that conversation. I felt like my very fragile baby fangirl was being criticized. Of course I told him to shut his lid and that I could enjoy whatever Marvel movie I saw fit. But it still kinda messed with me.

Thoughts On “Fake” Geek Girls

  1. Why oh why would a girl watch every episode of Doctor Who or read every Deadpool comic just to get a dude? Like, when have you heard of that happening? The answer is NEVER EVER!
  2. Just because you are a newer fangirl doesn’t mean you’re fake. It just means that you’re new. Everyone starts at the bottom. EVERYONE.
  3. If I see you calling someone a fake geek/nerd/fangirl I will proceed to call you on it and demand an apology. No one is the geek police.
  4. Again, who has actually met a fake geek girl??? Do they even exist??? Of course not, they were invented buy guys who couldn’t fathom a woman joining their fandom (the horror, the HORROR!!)!

So in summary: there’s no such thing as a fake fangirl, and of someone calls you that, Hulk smash them. You have my permission.


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