Fanart For Beginners

I can hear you saying “But I’m not a creative person.” Well, tell your inner devil voice to shut his/her pie hole, because I’m here to say that anyone can fanart!

Beyond Compare

Image result for moana fanart
Credit to Carlasofiarc. LOOK AT HOW GOOD THEY DID *Angst*

In order to start creating fanart…you need to stop looking at the fanart of others. The

reason being that you are most likely going to compare your fanart to theirs, and most likely come up disappointed. Don’t browse Deviant-Art, Pinterest, Tumblr, or any website at all for “inspiration!” You’ll get jealous, discouraged, or worse: you might accidentally copy their art!

The Right Kind of Inspiration

The right kind of inspiration would be watching tutorials on how to draw the human

Image result for female cartoon figure proportions

figure, checking out books on shading techniques from the library, or looking at inspirational quotes to get you feeling motivated. For the love of all things holy, don’t try to pass off fanart as your own creation if it’s not.

Here’s another tip: draw the squad memes are really fun, and really good practice. It’s pretty simple: you just take the bases and use them to draw you fave fictional squad.

This is the world-famous Monopoly meme. You’ve probably seen one for your fandom too.

This is one of people on a couch. The middle one in pencil is one of my friends and I. (I have a lot of dude friends)

How I Fanart

It all started with me learning how to draw thepowerpuff girls, and getting pretty good at it! I drew them EVERYWHERE (Spoiler: still do), and now I don’t even need reference images because I already know what to do. Then I started getting good at taking other things, and powerpuffing them!

But then my amigos, I was inspired by the animatics of the Hamilton fandom (just do a YouTube search they’re all over the map) to start drawing people! Like, cartoony people, but people all the same. It’s waaaaayyyy harder than drawing the powerpuff girls, lemme tell ya.

Honestly, they may not be very good, but I’m proud to call them mine.

So, my future world famous fanart peoples…you can always do fanfictions if drawing really isn’t your cup of proverbial tea.


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