Zany To the Max

I took some advice from a 5th grader at my church: watch Animaniacs. You'll love it. I oughta listen to fifth graders more often. Here's my thoughts on The Warner Brothers (and the Warner sister, obvi) What I Got Hooked On This show is not like the others. Period. Animaniacs is so unique it's in a whole … Continue reading Zany To the Max

Cartoon Moments That Will Give You All The Feels

Every single cartoon has that one moment where you totally forget its not real, because it takes your heart and stops all over it! Here's a round up of my fave moments that nearly made me cry. (SPOILERS) Hercules, Look Out! Yo fam, I wasn't prepared for this moment. Why? Because every time I watch … Continue reading Cartoon Moments That Will Give You All The Feels

I’ve Been Sherlocked

Everyone knows of SuperWhoLock (Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock). I've never been too interested in Doctor Who, and Supernatural is just a little too overwhelming. A good friend of mind recommended it, and now I'm a Sherlockian (SPOILERS).  The Science of Deduction One of the most amazing parts of watching the show is getting to see Sherlock notice the … Continue reading I’ve Been Sherlocked